Been To 100+ Healers & Think You've Tried Everything?

 ... introducing the


guided MASS clearing session

(ICB Guided Audio)

 ... as robust & effective as a live one-on-one with a gifted healer, without the endless expense & dependency


A LITTLE SECRET: The 'rational' conscious mind does NOT need to know 'all the details' for you to receive profound healing. 

Why is this 100 standard clearing sessions in ONE?

  • you're also working with Light Beings from above the whole multiverse

    - who clear so much more - much quicker - because of the extreme high level within All-That-Is that they reside (and no ... most do NOT work directly with 'Source') ... so you can 'plow through' stuff faster, saving decades of your time & effort. Enjoy your life or manifest far quicker as a result, and handle anything that 'comes up' with far more ease & grace.

  • from the place of Omnipresence ... to actualize 'non-linear' clearing

    for removing vast layers & blocks in the one session, instead of standard one issue or layer at a time

  • with proper connection to your Omnipresent, All Mighty I-AM Presence

    for further trust & confidence that you can now face down anything ... proceed to the deepest levels without fear, because the previously missing 'energetic backing' is finally here

  • receive the exact same vast multi-layered clearing & healing I did (and found myself doing) for all my one-on-one clients

    so you can get the high form of help at the drop-of-a-hat without the financial expense or being hamstrung by the availability of your favorite healer ... so you can truly take-charge of the energies in your day-to-day  

  • rapidly reach that elusive critical-mass-amount of internal healing

    where 'more light, than dark' comes through you (compression breakthrough) to manifest the things you want more easily & be in control


with such energetic backing

you can greatly accelerate

your evolution & clearing

  • to really make breakthroughs you haven't been able to in the past ... CONSISTENTLY 

    so that the simple things like 'mindset' ... 'law of attraction' ... & practical 3D tools and resources can finally work for you

  • gain freedom from the common 

    'gradual shut-down over time'

    of whenever you finally find something that gives you breakthroughs, only for shadow to subtly shut down

    its effectiveness & results   

  • ... training & psychic tips included 

    to take charge like never before by being your

    own psychic healer ... making this an absolute power-house resource you can always rely & use as needed. Finally call the shots in your life.


The Science of Finding & Clearing That Original Event
That Cast That Original Die 
That's Been Influencing or Running
The Main Areas of Your Life 
For Thousands of Lifetimes

Return To Who You Really Are ... Faster


An instrumental part in making things happen for yourself, is bringing the REAL you to the fore ... to truly unleash YOUR power & thus call the shots in your life.
This can only be done by getting BACK to who we really are, without spending another 20 yrs doing that.
Accelerate your return to your true identity. That's where your power ... freedom ... and abundance lies.​

Regain Your Natural Ability To Handle Anything

The focus will be on clearing a single specific issue that's been plaguing you for either most of your life, or something that's more recent & now you want to REGAIN your natural ability to transform this situation.


Use this opportunity to work with your

I-AM Presence & Beyond Multiversal beings to clears the biggest energetic blocks, wherever it may exist within your infinite depth.

Take Charge Of Specific Issues Yourself, Without Depending On Healers 

You & I know there's always specific things that come up (or currently exist) like really acute situations you need addressed & resolved asap!
You need that jump-start in resolving something that's UP, to lighten the energies around (and many times completely transform) something very specific.
This is where singular focus during a session with me & The Teams, and knowing the steps to take when presenting it to them, can make all the difference.

What The ICB Helps You With:

The Deepest Work, With All Downstream Ramifications That Effected All Future  Lifetimes ... Cleared.

This isn't just training ... this is deep & mass energy work the Teams will perform on you, from the space of Omnipresence, along with your Higher Selves & I AM presence.

We'll get down to the ultimate root cause ... that initial event that cast that original die ... which started that long karmic imprint + all the downstream residuals & effects, which are the likely cause of that specific something you want to be free of, or have transformed or alleviated.


Whether it's affected:

  • your finances

  • your relationships

  • your career or 3D success

  • sticky 3D family imprints

  • your physical health

... we'll get right down to that original event that set it all in motion many life-times ago (in most cases) which is the true cause of this specific issue. Whether it's a trauma ... vow ... contract ... false persona ... or belief ... implant ... trans-lifetime entity ... portal ... attachment ... etc, etc.

download the ICB to your phone or favorite device .... each time something 'comes up' ... or you need to clear a goal you want to manifest .... go up to The Teams with me ... show them what happened or your goal,  to clear the energetic causes & or blockages. 

Each Session Is Its Own, Unique & Very REAL Time/Space Event, Even Though It's a 'Recording'  

I've given MANY one-on-ones, and found that recordings work just as well when a person does not need coaching or counseling ... which is MOST of the time.


Each time you put on your headphones & follow my guidance, we'll be in the same time/space, together. You'll be in a completely safe place (nothing that's 'not divine' can compete with such extreme levels of Light that' I'll take you up to ... believe me, I'm talking from years of experience with these Teams & beyond Multiversal beings) ... with all the energetic backing you could possibly need, that you may not have had in the past.


We'll be together, all the time ... with these amazing Teams that anything 'not divine' is NOT familiar with. 

Consistently Jump To Higher & Higher Personal Timelines, To Bigger & Better Things

After doing an ICB style session, I'd always go on to higher timelines which has generally made all the difference in my experience (and those of clients) before venturing out on grid-work missions or project developments, business goals ... or manifesting overall goals.

And of course, you save a huge amount of money because you can use this guided session over an over again, avoiding the need to be so dependent on hiring expensive healers. The Teams and I will guide you ... protect you ... and hold you by the hand through the clearing process. And even train you on how to transmute, to really take charge of your energy system & life!

Regain Control

Free yourself from or alleviate practically any stubborn situation you're in now - or that may come up - to constantly jump on the highest timeline possibility again & again. 

  • USE it & work with the Teams, your higher-selves & I AM Presence to blast through any specific issue or challenge that comes up ... as you forge your way forwards to calling the shots within the 3D matrix.

  • have more of your TRUE light come through you, so the inherent abundance power & freewill within your true light then creates & manifests an outer reality that's an aligned reflection of your abundant, joyous self.


  • be more in control of your emotions, by clearing that horrible emotional charge when this specific issue comes up so you can remain anchored in the NOW. The only place where your solutions, power & choice exist. And be able to UTILIZE these.


  • no longer be afraid of facing challenges. Face any 3D practical steps without the dread & with confidence, not fear ... because you'll FEEL more of your BIGNESS, that's not afraid of anything & can handle anything.


  • naturally ascend to the timeline where the help, resources & solutions are there, waiting for you. They're often right there in front of you right now but you can't see them because of all the 'noise' going on inside you thanks to the interference coming from the true cause of this specific issue.

  • use it once for one issue ... use it twice for another ... use it every single week. Use it every time you want to get clarity & that higher self perspective each time you go up to the Teams & your Higher Selves.

  • by using this powerful tool each time you need it to make things happen for yourself, you can restore your 3D dignity, pride & esteem within the matrix & the world around you. So that your 3D self aligns with the BIGNESS of your true identity

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Get Instant Access to Your -Always There- Energy Help!

You can consider this your new favorite healer. That's me ... your higher dimensional selves ... your I-AM Presence ... the Beyond Multiversal Beings & 'Intra' Universal Teams ... right there with you, when you need them. And always there encouraging you to expand your own transmutational clearing powers, when your mind is ready for it! 


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